Forma Light

Forma Light

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Product Description

Forma Light

Forma light is a IPL device for hair removal, photorejuvenation, pigmented lesions, skin whitening, general pigmentation and active acne. This compact and durable device is designed for excessive day around demand of a busy salon or clinic. Forma Light features all of the IPL treatments through user friendly setup touch screen. Reliable results in pain free procedures and ease of use make this device optimal for both patient and the operator.

Treatments list

* Body/Face hair removal
* Pigmented lesions
* Acne
* Skin Rejuvenation
* Skin Whitening

Clinical & Technical Spec

IPL Tips Sizes
HR/SR: 6.5, 3, 1.6 cm2 (Based on 10% overlapping in a treatment)
AC: 1.6 cm2 (Based on 10% overlapping in a treatment)

Maximal Fluence
HR: 20 j/cm2
SR/AC: 22 j/cm2

430, 530, 600, 650 nm

Pulse Widths
3-55 msec

Pulse Mode
single, double or continuous

Maximal IPL head pulses
50,000-200,000 (based on head type & pulse mode)

Device Dimensions
H=33cm, W=40cm, D=33cm

Device & Trolley Dimensions
H=104cm, W=47cm, D=47cm

Device 7.5kg, Device + Trolley 13kg

Languages Support
English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German