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Product Description


Forma is a noninvasive system that houses four different technologies IPL, Bipolar RF, Ultra Sonic and Diamond Peeling. Designed to perform the task of 4 devices in one it provides the modern practice with the complete treatment solution, and allows it to combine multi technological treatments to achieve the best results.


Dual operational Mode through continuous mode Bipolar RF treatment and Sonic ultrasound mode. Treatments of wrinkles, flaccid
skin, post acne and noninvasive mesotherapy.


* Hair Removal
* Skin Rejuvenation
* Pigmented Lesions
* Acne

Diamond peeling

Diamond peeling applicator includes tips with 7 diff. polishing plates. Four sizes and four different abrasion surfaces. Skin polishing in various procedures such as post acne scars, age spots, skin preparation for meso therapy/ radio frequency or IPL treatment.

Skin tightening

The ST applicator is one of a kind, providing cooled electrodes, up to 100J/cm3 Bi polar RF Technology with two levels of penetration depth, it is unique, with exceptional results on facial / neck deep wrinkles, skin tightening, flaccid skin and stretch marks.

Treatments list

– Hair Removal
– Active Acne
– Post Acne Scars
– Pigmented Lesions
– General Pigmentation
– Skin Whitening
– Deep Wrinkles
– Flaccid Skin Tightening
– Stretch Marks
– Noninvasive Mesotherapy
– Skin Peeling and Polishing