Nd: Yag Laser


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Product Description

The ‘MAGMA’ system

The ‘MAGMA’ system is a unique and innovative platform that enhances today’s approach towards Medical Aesthetics Treatments. The MAGMA features a unique combination of 808nm Diode Laser, 1064nm Nd:YAG and IPL technologies. The idea behind the Magma was, that when it comes to Medical Aesthetic Treatments there is simply no single solution that suits every patient. In order to achieve optimal treatment eectiveness, each treatment can be personally tailored to each patient at and each stage of the treatment.

The Advantages of the ‘MAGMA’ are as follows:

Treatment Speed

The Magma features one of the fastest Hair removal treatments in the world, allowing coverage area of up to18cm per second. High treatment speed coupled with a guaranteed number of pulses for each applicator, turns the ‘MAGMA’ Platform into the optimal Hair Removal system.

5 Modes of Operation

To insure optimal eectivity and reduced discomfort the ‘MAGMA’ allows 5 dierent modes of diode laser operations, providing practitioners with the advantage of tailoring a personal treatment to each patient according to skin/hair type and treatment stage. Two modes (100ms and 400ms) were added in order to oer a safe and eective treatments for darker skin types (including skin types 5 and 6).

Advanced Cooling System

A cooling system is a critical part of every advanced device. The ‘MAGMA’ system features an advance water cooling system equipped with a Double Chiller. The advanced Cooling system insures:
• ZERO down time – as it does not require time to cool down.
• Able to work at a room temperature of up to 27.5 °C
• Sapphire frame tips cooled to 4 °C provides signicant reduction in patient discomfort.

Melanin – Meter

The melanin-meter is a unique diagnostic device that provides practitioners with a fast and precise reading of Melanin concentration levels in the skin. Using these readings, the ‘MAGMA’ system provides the practitioner with an optimal treatment program. The use of a Melanin-meter insures:
• More eective and simplied treatment
• Reduced risk of skin burns
• Accurate post treatment feedback

1000W/1250W Laser Diode

This piece of information is conventionally not published by most other manufacturers for obvious reasons as it is an immediate testimony to the abilities of their system. The golden role here is, stronger diode equals less discomfort and more eective treatment. Forma-tk’s laser diodes are produced in the USA under the highest quality standards.

1064nm Nd:YAG wavelength laser

Forma-tk has introduced an Nd:YAG applicator powered by a laser diode. This insures signicantly increase life span of the applicator, averaging at 6 times the number of pulses compered with other lamp powered Nd:YAG applicators.

Treatments list

– Laser hair removal
– IPL hair removal
– IPL For Acne
– Nd Yag laser for vessels
– Nd Yag laser for veins
– Photorejuvenation
– Pigmented lesions removal
– Skin whitening


Advanced Laser Diode (ALD)

  • 808 nm wavelength
  • 10X12 mm cooled sapphire tip (4°c)
  • Energy up to 100 j/cm2
  • Different pulse modes: slow, medium, fast, 100ms & 400ms
  • Pulse width: 5-400 msec
  • Continues pulse modes up to 10Hz
  • Hair removal for all skin types; I-VI inc. tanned skin
  • Painless hair removal procedures.

Nd Yag laser

  • 1064 wavelength
  • 3 different cooled tip Ø: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm
  • Superficial & deep vascular lesions treatments
  • Dark & tanned skin hair removal
  • No need for an ultrasound gel during treatment
  • Advanced aiming beam

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

  • Hair removal (600 & 650 nm)
  • Skin rejuvenation (530nm): pigmented lesions & skin whitening
  • Acne treatment (440nm)
  • 3 different tip sizes: 1.6cm2, 3cm2 & 6.5cm2.
  • Pulse duration 3-50 msec
  • Repetition rate up to 3Hz (continuous mode)
  • Free and manual control over all parameters settings
  • Light weight applicators.